Made in Peru


Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to visit Peru. We are currently working with our knitwear partners to develop the best products for you. We hope to visit 2021!

Hand Knit in Peru

We went to Lima, Peru to work with the best knitters in the world. Our knitwear combines traditional Peruvian artisanship with natural fibers like Baby Alpaca & Pima Cotton, resulting in finely knit, premium garments.

Baby Alpaca

Our Baby Alpaca has an irresistible softness, making it perfect for babies and kids. We source our yarns directly from the alpacas living in the highlands of Peru to make premium quality knitwear that is worn with love.

Pima Cotton

When it comes to quality cotton, Pima Cotton is the best. Pima is an ultra-soft fiber known for it's resistance to pilling. Meaning, our garments are play-friendly and guaranteed to stay wearable over time.

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Our knitwear is currently being made in Lima, Peru! Be the first to know when the collection is launched!

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