We're Trying to do Better

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At Sticks, we are trying to do better; Better for people, Better for our planet, and Better for our customers.

We are on a mission to prove that sophisticated design is in fact born from time honored, global craft techniques. We believe that creating quality products and elevating humanity are not mutually exclusive. We strive for positive impact and are dedicated to making sustainable textiles using premium natural materials and employing the use of ancient weaving traditions. 

Made by hand

Made by People

We employ skilled craftsmen in rural villages direct- trade, elevating them into markets and empowering them through steady income.

Made to Last

Made by Hand

We design our own fabrics, from raw thread to cloth, weaving one-of-a-kind products that can't be replicated by machine.

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Made to Last

Every second a truckload of textiles is either burned or sent to a landfill. We make textiles of the highest quality, using craft traditions that have lasted thousands of years. 

Inspired by craft

The fashion industry is one of the most complex global production networks, and currently brands can't keep track of how their products are made. We work direct-trade with artisans around the world to ensure quality, authenticity, and clear transparency of our supply chain.