The Heart of What We Do

Global craft traditions are at the heart of what we do. We care deeply about preserving hand processes that uphold priceless history, culture and tradition. Our work with artisans and craft allows us to produce high quality, modern garments that are better for people and better for the planet.

We do better

Sticks mission is simple, do better. By revitalizing traditions that are fading, we want to increase the wear of handmade garments over harmful, mass-produced clothing. To us, sophisticated design is born from down-to-earth, global, craft techniques. We believe that the better way forward is creating quality products that are environmentally and socially conscious.

Down-To-Earth Processes

We travel to remote villages to produce our textiles by hand.

Our knitwear is made of soft, natural fibers like Baby Alpaca & Pima Cotton.

We work with a family of artisans with a 400 year-old lineage of block printing.


Sustainability isn't a question, it's a way of life.

The word sustainability can be confusing. To us, it means: making things without a cost to people or our planet. Our focus is to create more good rather than simply doing less harm.

At Sticks, we create modern clothing by employing artisans around the world who have little access to jobs. Our textiles are made by hand using authentic processes that uphold integrity, transparency, and heart every step of the way.

Our name, Sticks

Imagine creating your own clothing using a simple arrangement of sticks. For thousands of years women around the world have done just this.

The story of Sticks begins in the Mayan village where legend has it the goddess of weaving gave women sticks to move the Universe.

A stick alone is nothing, but put in the hands of a girl inspired, she will create a better world with it.

The fabric of our product is hand woven on ancient looms made up of an extraordinary arrangement of sticks. So extraordinary, it is this tool that inspired our name, Sticks.

As we grow our name becomes synonymous with the world of handmade, down-to-earth processes. Sticks represents; dignity to artisans, a preservation of tradition, and sustaining the use of global craft techniques.

made by sticks,
worn with love

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