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My Dear Friends,

Just as the coronavirus pandemic hit, I was headed towards the airport to fly to Guatemala. I had tunnel vision on getting my Spring 2020 fabrics through our garment production, but last minute, I heeded the advice of the news and chose not to travel. As we know, what followed was an unanticipated crisis that has devastated our world.

At Sticks, we are really focused on doing better. Better for customers, better for the community, and better for the fashion industry as a whole. At this present moment, we asked ourselves, ‘how could we make things a little better?’

It took only a few phone calls to our artisan partners in Guatemala to know exactly what was needed- food. Artisan workers often work for daily wages to put food on the table. No work = no food. In a country like Guatemala, roads being closed and local markets shut down means that some families are frantic to feed their kids.

On April 18'th we took action and sent money to feed 13 families, but our hearts knew we could do better. There is an ocean of opportunity for us to help, and we are going to try.

What we know, is that the greatest needs are located where resources are most scarce. Day-laborers, such as artisans in Latin America, have seen an 80% decrease in income. Their means of survival is under immediate threat and these workers are at risk of a severe spread of poverty, and hunger. (U.N. International Labor Organization)

  We have taken the colorful, and cheerful fabrics from Sticks spring line and turned them into masks for kids, adults, and even matching bandanas for your pet! 100% of the profits of these sales will go to feeding families at risk of survival.

We ask that you come together with us to help us feed kids and families in the developing world.

Love, Amanda
Founder of Sticks


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